Jack in the Box Made a Bacon Shake. Seriously.

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Just when we thought the bacon craze was over -- this happens.

Jack in the Box releases a bacon milkshake.


The "limited as limited can be" bacon flavored milkshake was part of J-in-the-B's latest ad campaign "Marry Bacon" -- and they sure weren't kidding about limited. I found out about the bacon flavored treat this past Friday and then spent more then half of my Saturday (I seriously drove to nine stores) looking for one.

But apparently I missed my one day window.

It turns out each store was supplied with an extremely limited amount of "bacon flavored syrup" and most stores sold out by Saturday morning. Bummer.

I"m still on the hunt for one so if anyone knows of a Jack in the Box that is still serving the bacon shake, let me know. 

Although I'm sure Jack in the Box will come out with another over-the-top fast food campaign and maybe next time they won't use some wimpy syrup and they'll use real bacon. 

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