Superstition Farm's Food Truck Round Up (Thankfully) Not Like Past Food Truck Festivals, But Will the Changes Work?

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With the Valley's food truck phenomenon in full force, it's a shame two past celebrations -- last year's first annual Phoenix Food Truck Festival and January's Street Eats Food Truck Festival -- have have been less than, well, phenomenal, thanks to long lines, high prices, and mobile kitchens running out of food.

But much can be said from learning from one's, or better yet, someone else's mistakes -- which appears to be what Superstition Farm is attempting with their upcoming Food Truck Round Up, where the thirty-acre farm will host members of the Phoenix Street Food Coalition and other Arizona trucks at Superstition Farm in Mesa, from noon until 5 p.m., Saturday, March 17.

For starters, Superstition Farms is hard-capping ticket sales to 2,500 people, pre-selling tickets only (no walk-ins), and will be bringing folks into the Round Up in waves (with VIP ticket holders being allowed in two hours before the event starts). Hopefully, that will mean shorter waits and an opportunity to experience a variety of food truck fare.

Then there are the prices.

General admission tickets are priced at $20 which includes four tasting tickets. Five bucks more (and the better deal) gets you a VIP ticket which includes early admission, four tasting tickets, and one drink ticket.

To keep things simple, all food trucks will offer two lines: a "taste of the truck" amuse bouche-type express line and another serving small portion meals. All offerings will be two dollars or multiples of two dollars.

Additional attractions at the event include hay rides, a petting zoo, live music, raffles, and cooking demonstrations.

To get your advance-only tickets go here.

Will Superstition Farm's Food Truck Round Up prove the perfect combination (third time's a charm) to mobile kitchen event success? Time will tell, but one thing's for sure -- something needs to change. Another food truck festival bust could turn mobile kitchen fans away from events like this for good and leave the food trucks themselves spinning their wheels.

Truck line up (subject to change):
Aji Mobile Foods
Buzznbeez Good Food
DCP Gourmet Fry Bread
Emerson Fry Bread
Epic Hot Dogs
Hey Joe Filipino Street Food
Luncha Libre
Mamma Toledo's
Mike's Kitchen & BBQ
Pizza People
Q UP Barbeque
Shine Coffee
Shinobu Diego Taco's y Burritos
Spice It Up
SuperFarm SuperTruck
Torched Goodness
Udder Delights

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