Owners of Lee Lee International Supermarket Talk History, Journey, Future in New Video

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Who doesn't love walking the aisles of a Lee Lee International Supermarket?

With locations in Peoria, Chandler, and Tucson, it's the "Small World After All" of grocery stores, with scads of everything Asian -- from jackfruit, Korean daikon, and six different kinds of choy -- to Caribbean, African, Colombian, and even American delights like Froot Loops and Trix.

And for fans who want to know more about their favorite twenty-year-old supermarket stop or new patrons curious for a peek, Lee Lee's latest video features husband and wife owners Paulina and Meng Truong talking about the store's history, early challenges, and plans for the future.

While the video is devoid of the Napoleon Dynamite vibe (not to mention the wolf room) of last year's Chompie's videos starring founders Lou and Lovey Borenstein, it's informative, folksy, and even a little endearing -- especially when a nervous Meng seems to get his wife's name wrong.

Watch the video after the jump.

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Lee Lee Oriental Supermarket

2025 N. Dobson Road, Chandler, AZ

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