Drew Barrymore Jumps on Celebrity Alcohol Bandwagon -- Shocking.

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Not really. Drew kinda seems like the white wine swilling type. 

Actress, producer, director, Covergirl, Playboy model, Drew Barrymore, known for her role in movie classics such as E.T., Firestarter, Boys on the Side,  50 First Dates, and as Brian the Dog's girlfriend on the animated television series Family Guy, has decided to join a few of her peers for a trip on the alcohol business bandwagon. 

Following in the foot steps of Dave Matthews, Ron Jeremy, and Lil Jon, Barrymore will be releasing her very first wine this spring called Barrymore Pinot Grigio (very creative). The white wine will be imported from Northeast Italy and will sport a fancy label with her family crest designed by none other then street artist Shepard Fairey. 

Since the wine hasn't been released yet, we haven't been able to try the latest celebrity wine but we'll let you know how it is as soon as we get our hands on a bottle. 

In the meantime, you should check out Huffington Post's celebrity wine taste test slide show right here.

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next, Jan Brewer Old Cow Arizona Bourbon Special.


Arizona made Moonshine is best.  but you gotta know where to find it. the local cops are not hip to the illegal moonshine  being made around here. they are to busy chasing meth lab cooker guys and pot growers.

shurf sux
shurf sux

i see her as a mad dog 20/20 kinda gal.

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