Caramelpalooza 2012 Chefs Announced

Tim O'Connor, Honey Moon Sweets

Beatriz Alatorre de Hong, Paletas Betty

Lisa Rast, Nutwhats

Virginia Senior, Urban Beans

Aimee Sosa, Downtown Phoenix Market

Urban Cookies

Country Velador, Super Chunk Sweets & Treats, Cowboy Ciao

Barbara Wilson, Barb's Sweets and Treats

We'll be bringing you more details about these chefs and businesses in the weeks leading up to the main caramel-coated event.

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Location Info


2502 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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I wish I knew about this!!! Jewel's Cupcake Shop would have been there!:(

Mary L. Bankhead
Mary L. Bankhead

i hope tammie coe makes the caramel apple delights from last year...they were the best!

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