Whipping Up that Bourbon Chocolate Milkshake from Pinterest

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This week I am introducing you to my new favorite  Pinterest indulgence:  The Bourbon Chocolate Milkshake!  

The first thing you'll notice about this week's Pinterest-come-to-life selection is that it kind of sounds like a dance.  The second thing you'll notice is that this Bourbon Chocolate Milkshake has the ability to take you back in time... Yes, drinking this thing makes you feel like you're both 5 and 21 again.  Either way you're young and full of life.  While your five year old self is giddy about the milkshake, your twenty one year old self can't wait to see what bourbon and chocolate taste like together (more importantly, your 21-year-old self can't wait to catch a little buzz). 

You'll catch a buzz for sure because there are only three ingredients in this recipe and 2 ounces of it is bourbon.  Add to that 2 ounces of chocolate and 1 cup of vanilla ice cream and you've got it!  The recipe says to combine and blend in a blender, but I think you should just mix it up yourself with a spoon.  I thought the blender made it too watery.  I really wanted mine to have the same texture as the one in the photo on Pinterest

Which brings me to the most difficult part of this experience:  getting a quality photograph.  I made this recipe TWICE over the weekend just to try to get a good shot.  All I can say is that my photo is REAL LIFE.  I made it and I drank it.  

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