Ben & Jerry's Goes Greek (Yogurt) and Man has Ironic Heart Attack at Heart Attack Grill

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Pardon us, we overslept this morning.

I heard a little rumor yesterday via that popular ice cream hustlers Ben & Jerry are going Greek next week with the release of a new line of frozen Greek yogurt.

A tweet from their shop in Manchester, New Hampshire stated that three new B&J flavors had arrived -- Vanilla, Blueberry Vanilla Graham, and Banana Peanut Butter Greek frozen yogurt -- and they also sent out a press release touting their new product as "really greekin' good".

I called Arizona's only Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop (in North Scottsdale) to see if and when they would have the really greekin' good new product. The girl that answered the phone was kind enough to let me know that her boss had in fact ordered three tubs of the stuff but didn't know exactly when it would hit the floor.

Huffington Post has the full story here.

589triple bypass.jpg
In other news, a man suffered a heart attack while chowin' down on a Triple Bypass Burger from none other than the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas.

Assuming it was some sort of publicity stunt, onlookers snapped photos while the unnamed man was wheeled away by paramedics.

The man is reportedly alive and recuperating after his bout with the 6,000 calorie burger.

Our friends over at the LA Weekly have the full story.

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wake-up call

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Go elsewhere

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