Chloe's Corner at CityScape: Lunch Under $10

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Shelby Moore
The hot-pressed Albacore Tuna melt incorporates tomato and cheddar cheese, served on cranberry walnut bread. There's a Gosling's Ginger Beer to sip on.
​Chloe's Corner earned its stripes serving straightforward diner fare -- panini-pressed meat and cheese sandwiches, salads, and simple breakfasts -- at Kierland Commons around the corner from Michael Kors and Coach. The shopping center takes up a couple blocks in the heart of Scottsdale where a $10 meal is not only considered a cheap find, but a rare one as well (not that it's an out-of-place concept, either, having been bought by Ashly Young in 2010 from Scottsdale's most affluent restauranteur, Sam Fox.)

A couple weeks ago Young opened up her second Chloe's Corner in downtown Phoenix's up-and-coming-along CityScape complex that straddles North Central Ave. on the north side of Jefferson Street, occupying an enormous, non-diner-like space that, in contrast to the Chipotle and Five Guys to the west, fits snugly at a medium price range that flies under a higher priced restaurant like Arrogant Butcher to its east.

When the joint opened its doors we found out Chloe's did away with the malt shakes that still fill cups in Scottsdale, and instead opted for twice the number of bottled beverages (from Gosling's ginger ale to a large selection of wines and beers), a coffee bar, and even pizza by the slice.

The breakfasts are too innocent to do any wrong, with meals consisting of two eggs and bacon with toast and potatoes, or lox on a bagel with spread (both $7.50), and the sandwiches still use Boar's Head's deli meats that fry up nicely with cheese -- and bread that gets darn close to perfectly crispy after it's pressed.

Though Chloe's does a fine job, you'll step up to the register, or sit down at the tens of feet of full-service bar and likely feel all too familiar with their selections -- roast beef, swiss and mustard sauce; chicken and pesto on focaccia; a BLT with mayo spread; the usual (all $6.50 - $8). But the old combos work well for a reason, and as is the case with the albacore tuna melt with cheddar. Normally a diner favorite that never gets old if it's done well, it gets a welcomed twist from Chloe's when served on their cranberry walnut bread ($7.50).

It's hard to complain about a good sandwich in this price range, but you can't help but notice that the portions can seem rather small without any kind of side (coleslaw or house made potato chips, for instance) and just a few pickle slices to keep the sandwiches company. True, for an extra $2.50 you can have a cup of their soup (flavors change daily) and still come in at just over $10 when tax is included.

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Shelby Moore

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