10 Favorite Desserts in Phoenix

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lemon tart noca.jpg
Dayvid LeMmon
Lemon Tart with Meringue Gelato from our #1 Pick
Oftentimes, a meal out of the house isn't complete without dessert -- not just any dessert, but one that's so good you'll never forget it, one that will make guest appearances in your dreams for a good, long time. To help satisfy your sweet tooth, we're offering up our 10 of our favorite desserts in the Valley.

10. Fried Bananas and Coconut Ice Cream from Soi 4 Bangkok Eatery

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Dayvid LeMmon
This dish might sound simple, but it's really something special. The bananas are fried into crispy little delicious spheres, which creates a nice presentation and also makes them easier to share. Really, though, everyone at the table will be fighting over the house-made coconut ice cream in the middle. This frozen treat is dreamy, creamy, and very coconutty. Coconut can be a mild flavor that's more of a sidekick than a star, but with Soi 4's ice cream, coconut takes the main stage.

9. Spumoni Americano from Cowboy Ciao
Cowboy Ciao's dessert menu is an all-around winner. What really knocked us out was the Spumoni Americano -- a delicious twist on the classic Italian ice cream topped with strawberry cake batter semifreddo, pistachio marshmallow fluff, and, for good measure, a chocolate pretzel. If that weren't enough, the whole creation sits atop a chocolate shortbread cookie.

8. Chocolate Torte with Sorrel Ice Cream from Quiessence

quiessence chocolate torte.jpg
Dayvid LeMmon
This chocolate torte is very rich in flavor and has a soft yet dense texture that's somewhere between a thick mousse and a fudge. The pears, spiced with just enough cinnamon, are poached to enhance the fruit's naturally soft texture and to help the pears burst with juicy flavor. The sorrel ice cream is bright and earthy, adding a fresh herbal note while lightening the deep chocolate of the torte. Beware: Like many items on Quiessence's menu, this one is seasonal.  

7. Tortilla Pudding from Ticoz Resto-Bar

Tortilla Pudding.jpg
Dayvid LeMmon
Although this dessert is made similarly to a bread pudding, the final result is much closer to a cake -- a gooey, cinnamony, can't-stop-shoving-forkfuls-in-your-mouth kind of cake. Heads up: This isn't a dessert that's designed to be breathtakingly gorgeous. But that's absolutely fine with us because it's clearly made to be uniquely flavorful, as if the world's best cinnamon roll and grandma's homemade cake had a love child.

6. Crepas de Cajeta from Barrio Café

Dayvid LeMmon
Fans of goat cheese will not be able to get enough of this flavor-packed cajeta sauce. Made with goat milk, this caramel has that unmistakable tang. While most caramel tastes mostly like sugar, sugar, and more sugar, cajeta has a distinctive nutty, savory flavor that the sugar works to tame and balance. The crepes are topped off with vanilla bean ice cream, strawberry slices, powdered sugar, and meringue-coated pecans.

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