Pita Jungle Opening New Location in Ahwatukee

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It's still only January and already the year's starting out to be a busy one for Scottsdale-based Pita Jungle, the Mediterranean-inspired healthy eating chain.

The Republic reports that a few weeks ago, Pita Jungle opened a new location in Newport, California, and plans to open a restaurant in San Diego in April and one in the Valley, at 49th Street and Ray Road in Ahwatukee, by the end of March.

"In general, consumers love healthy concepts and our menu is based on a healthy Mediterranean diet. And that has transitioned well for us in the last couple years," Rick Howard, vice president of development, tells the Republic.

The new locations will bring the total number of Pita Jungle restaurants to sixteen.

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real health
real health

Farmed raised salmon -- highest in PCP.


Is it next door to a fetus blender like the Tempe location?


One issue assholes like you never let up do you?

Go fuck yourself.

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