FnB's Pavle Milic & Charleen Badman Plan to Launch New Project By End of January

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Almost ready.
​It's getting closer.

The potent pair behind FnB -- front-of-the-house pro Pavle Milic and chef Charleen Badman -- are planning to launch their three-concept dining, wine, and grocery experience at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Craftsman Court (in the Kiva Center) in Scottsdale by the end of the month.

The three concepts are a neighborhood market called the Bodega, a casual wine bar, and AZ Wine Merchants, a small retail wine store.

Hiring for the concepts started last week and Milic tells me AZ Wine Merchants is ready to go, but that he's still waiting for a few licensing steps to go through on the wine bar.

Stay tuned for details.

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