Ethiopian Famous Restaurant & Coffee's Oddball Location Belies the Treats Inside

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Jackie Mercandetti
Oddball location? You could say that. But don't be dissuaded. For those looking for tasty Ethiopian fare in Central Phoenix, this new restaurant, located behind a curtain in the back of a convenience store, holds a host of enticing dishes. It is, in a sense, a sort of Ethiopian speakeasy (minus the booze).

Here's a taste from this week's review:

"On the meatier side, Ejersa serves dishes of beef, lamb, and tripe liver (for most Ethiopians, pork is forbidden). They are oilier than what I've eaten in other Ethiopian restaurants, but they are juicy, rich, and tender nonetheless -- and each emanates a fragrant aroma that hangs heavy in the air. If Ejersa forgets to offer you a small bowl of mitmita, the Ethiopian spice she has shipped from her home country, make sure to ask for it. A light sprinkling of the fiery red-pepper powder mixed into any dish makes each bite different from the next."

Hungry for more of this rich African cuisine? Read the full review here.

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