David Lynch Makes Coffee -- and Commercials

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In early 2011, filmmaker David Lynch (you know, the dude behind the cult classic television show Twin Peaks, the terribly confusing movie Lost Highway, and my favorite, Blue Velvet) dove into a new venture -- coffee.

We've heard it's pretty tasty stuff (you can learn more about it and buy it here) but what's even better are his commercials -- okay not really. They're totally weird, just like everything else he does. 

The first commercial he made featured him saying sweet nothings to a beheaded Barbie doll over a cup of coffee for a little more then four minutes. Seriously. He just says creepy shit to this head and talks about how tasty and organic his coffee is. 

If you want to waste the next four minutes of your life, go ahead and click here

Or you can watch the new one ...

It's a little Lost Highway and a little Mulholland Drive and very David Lynch. Watch it and let us know what you think.

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