Brats and Brews Coming to Old Town Scottsdale

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​For those full-up with new wine bar announcements in Old Town Scottsdale, there's a new spot coming this summer that's more interested in sausage than Sauvignon.

Brat Haus, an artisan sausage and craft beer concept, will be taking over the Oregano's at 3622 North Scottsdale Road in Old Town Scottsdale on the first of May, with plans to open by the end of June.

Restaurateur Dave Andrea (formerly with Old Town Tortilla Factory, Wild Noodles, and Fat Slim's BBQ) sees Brat Haus as an "urban beer garden" and has some plans for its food and brews.

Andrea is developing an array of artisinal sausages from traditional bratwurst and spicy Italian to more unique creations like habanero chicken, vegan smoked apple and sage -- even wild boar and rattlesnake. Andrea also plans to feature a signature sausage each month created by a local chef.

The wursts will be grilled, served on toasted French rolls, and ride alongside handcrafted baked pretzels and Belgian-style fries. Sandwich toppings, mustards, and dips will be made on site.

And when it comes to the brews, Andrea plans on carrying twenty-five Belgian, German, and American craft beers on tap in addition to locally made root beer and cider.

Stay tuned for details.

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I'm more interested in what is happeneing to oreganos. Moving to the Sugar Daddy's building?


Really, who cares about lame Oregano's? Their beers on tap suck and the food is one dimensional.


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