The Arrogant Butcher's Ego Boost

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The Arrogant Butcher created a bloody buzz when it opened early last year in downtown Phoenix, featuring the kind of high-concept restauranteur Sam Fox is now known for in these parts. Design never takes a backseat to the food in a Fox restaurant, so it's no surprise that Arrogant Butcher's menu has drawn national attention.

Recently Art Of The Menu, a blog that features the world's most beautifully designed restaurant menus offered up Arrogant Butcher's menu as a fine example. Credit goes to TunnelBravo, a design and branding firm in Mesa. 

The arrogant tri-fold is scored with modular banners that look like they were plucked out of restaurants in the 20's, or a ballgame, or a French cafe with those striped awnings (the Butcher's climate-controlled patio actually does have those). 

Some of the art points you (literally -- notice the large hand sketch) in the right direction toward "Daily Specials" like Angus beef meatloaf and fried chicken billed as, "Too good to pass up."

​No doubt, the Butcher's menu cover sticks out in crowd. It's blood red and stained in a burgundy pattern that look like Grandpa's accidentally stylish wallpaper. Neat and meaty letters spell out the name of the restaurant, followed by the words, "quality food & premium drinks."

The design carries over from the actual menu to the wall outside the restaurant as well -- no doubt to catch the attention of Suns fans on their way to the stadium who might want a drink or a bite to eat on their way out.


An honorable mention ought to go to TunnelBravo's latest menu work with North (also by Sam Fox) which opened second location in Arcadia. This menu has a chicken riding a vespa, a big fork drawing, and will be printed on newspaper-like material. We like the sound -er, feel of that.


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Eating at a Fox restaurant is usually just moderately preferable to starvation.


The food at Fox restaurants is pretty interchangeable. Branding has traditionally been the only thing that really separates the concepts. Even that has declined in recent years, though. This arrogant butcher branding is cut from the same cloth as what they did for the new North. Older Fox concepts like True Food Kitchen, Zinburger, Green House and even the now defunct Counter had/have more style.


The food at arrogant butcher is horrible, don't go.


oh it's not that bad, I mean sure it's uninspired and kind of blanned, but quality-wise I've found it be better than adequate.


 For some reason I believe you 100%.

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