Top 10 Bread Bakeries in Greater Phoenix

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Bread, often equivalent to the word "food," is an indispensable staple in many parts of the world. Throughout history -- in religion, magic, and custom -- this deceptively simple foodstuff has ensured a seat at our table of survival. Where to find some of the best of it in the Valley? Here are some of our favorite bread bakeries.

10.) Breadcrafters
In the bread business for over 15 years, this Phoenix bakery and cafe hidden in a shopping center near Paradise Valley Mall features specialty breads like rosemary and Valencia sea salt and whole wheat honey nut cranberry as well as sandwich breads, buns, and rolls. Get bread to go or stick around and enjoy a style from a selection of nearly 20 hot and cold gourmet sandwich selections indoors or on the patio.

9.) Karsh's Bakery
This unpretentious kosher bakery on the northeast corner of Seventh Street and Missouri has been around since the 1960s. Cakes, pastries, and sweet treats share the spotlight with all varieties of "the best rye bread in town," a full line of egg breads (challah), sourdough, chewy bagels, salt sticks, and several kinds of rolls, including crescent, onion, and egg. There's no seating here and the bread's sliced at the point of sale, so grab your bread fresh and ready to go.

8.) Wildflower Bread Company
This Scottsdale-based chain with more than 10 bakery and restaurant locations makes artisan bread with zero additives or preservatives daily at each location. In addition to featuring a specialty bread each month, selections such as bagels, rolls, and ciabatta, levain, pasilla chili rye, pretzel, and red, white, and blue bread are served daily. Sandwich and a salad while you shop? Of course.

7.) Whole Grain National Bread Co.
What to do when you really love bread? Start a bakery, of course. Bread lovers Ron and Kris Anderson started theirs in Mesa in 1995, and with over 25 varieties of fresh, natural bread to choose from, it's not for the indecisive. Besides everyday selections of breads, buns, and dinner rolls, check the website for days when specialties like cranberry walnut, cinnamon chip, and The Great White are up for grabs -- good days, indeed.

6.) AZ Bread Co.
The sought-after booth at several Valley farmers markets like Mill Avenue, Old Town Scottsdale, and Roadrunner Park, this breakfast and lunch café in Tempe from owner Carol Phillips is at its bread-ly best on the road. You'll spot the shop from the sheer bounty of baked goodness in tow, with delights like kalamata olive, apricot walnut, and cranberry orange breads waiting to be purchased, taken home, and devoured.

5.) Breadsmith
Headquartered in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, this retail bakery shop founded in 1993 with over 30 independently owned locations has received awards for its European-style breads from Bon Appétit magazine, Modern Baking, and the International Culinary Salon. Arizona's only Breadsmith location, in Mesa, serves up hand-crafted artisan breads made fresh from scratch -- from crusty, European-style breads to soft-crusted sandwich breads, specialty breads, and sweets.

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There are some pretty great bakeries out there that people get bread from all the time. These 10 places have this great bread, because of the supplies that they bake them with. The bread supplies are very important and that is what really makes the bread.


It is amazing to see all the possibilities that there are with bread. I would love to start making breads of different kinds. It must be so fun having the freedom to be creative with all the recipes and having customers try them.

samb1952       I had the best whole what bread in phonex sure was delicious


Does anyone know where "SIMPLY BREAD" went?  I have tried to find out.  And,

one year (a few years ago) these two men won the BEST BREAD at the big French bread fair).  Alas, they have gone from Phoenix -- they were the best in town and supplied a number of hotel restaurants.  No one seems to know where they went!

But if you win BEST BREAD IN FRANCE -- your are top of the top!!!

samb1952 Hi I live in Bellingham Wa I was there during the holiday I believe it was Christmas eve We had room service I had the best whole wheat bread ever and am trying to locate it will you send me a photo of dark wheat bread

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