Sleazy? Clubby? Outrageous? Cutting Through the Rumors at Pearl Sushi Lounge

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Jackie Mercandetti
I may be, perhaps, the last person to hear of the rumors regarding Pearl Sushi Lounge & Bomber Bar in Scottsdale.

The images of naked women, the sex-fueled names of its signature rolls, the magic show. Here's a taste:

"Given Pearl's penchant for style over substance, it's easy to see why the food frequently goes the way of outrageous, as in the restaurant's signature rolls. In the beginning, names such as the "Pocket Rocket," "Crab Daddy," and "Pearl Necklace" probably were fairly amusing, but now, at their mere mention or the ensuing giggles, one could power Pearl's electrical system with the sighs heard from its staff."

Fact, fiction, or a little of both? Read more in this week's review.

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Do you even know Jimmy? You must be thinking of someone else!  He is the creator and designer not "in the scene" or "tool bar".  Pearl sushi has amazing rolls and they are a steal at the prices!  It seems that the critic on this article has an interesting palet. The rolls are the main focus at Pearl as well as the their fun energetic "cheers" staff.  I am suprised one would gather this was about the clubers and the see and be seen.


Wait, there's a sushi restaurant in downtown Scottsdale that serves lackluster sushi with lurid names in a super-stylish atmosphere? The hell you say! Next thing you know, you guys are going to do some shocking exposé that the Maricopa County sheriff is a grandstanding jackass who thinks he's above the law...

but seriously Laura, my hat is off to you eating there so I don't have to. I'd heard a lot of different things about Pearl from a lot of different people. I thought it was going to swing this way, and I'm glad you confirmed my suspicions before I had to waste lots of perfectly good money on drab sushi.

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