Seven Spectacular Finger Foods for Your Holiday Party

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This is NOT on our list and shouldn't be on your table.
So you're having a holiday party? Well you could just pack the kitchen counters with a bucket of some sort of vodka filled punch and enough cheap alcohol (Mad Dog anyone?) to make your frat house neighbors jealous or you could actually feed your guests. You don't have to serve them a five-course sit down dinner or anything but trust us, your guests will appreciate a little food on table. 

Here are seven of our favorite holiday finger foods that are not only easy to make but are guaranteed to make your party a hit (at least with the foodies). 

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7. Caprese Skewers -- It doesn't get any easier then these guys. We made these for our Thanksgiving appetizers and they were a huge hit! Make a couple without the salami for your veggie friends or jazz them up with a little balsamic vinegar. 

sugared cranberries.jpg
6. Sugared Cranberries -- All you need is two ingredients for these sparkly treats. Sugar and cranberries (and water) . These tart yet sweet berries will add a nice pop of color to your holiday table. 

cinnamon popcorn.jpg
5. Red Hot Popcorn Cups -- Red, white and cinnamon and it you need a little green, toss a few green M&M's in the mix. 

Pastry Spoons.jpg
4. Pastry Spoons with Crab Rangoon -- These are going to take a little bit of work but you are sure to impress your friends with these suckers. Or skip the fancy edible spoons and just throw the filling on a cracker. 

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