Robin Miller's Perfect Food Day

Photo courtesy Robin Miller
We had such a good time talking with Robin Miller about her new book and her recipe inspirations a couple weeks back that we wanted to know more about her perfect Sundays she spends with her boys. 

It sounded like one of our perfect food days and we asked her to share her entire perfect food day.

It's so fitting that she has made her day one geared toward her family since she would choose be a 100% stay-at-home-mom even if she didn't have her food career. Here are some of her hand picked neighborhood eateries and homemade favorites.

Here's Robin Miller's perfect food day:

As a food writer, most of my days are "perfect food days" because I dabble in the kitchen creating recipes, and then I watch my family enjoy the meal at the end! That said, I decided to pick Sunday Funday as my perfect food day. I call it "Sunday Funday" because it's the only day I truly take off and just chill (and only when I'm not traveling for work!). I don't check e-mail (well, maybe just a tiny bit) and I spend the entire day playing games and hanging out with my kids.

Breakfast: First, I make breakfast for my boys - either chocolate chip waffles or bagel-egg sandwiches with cheese. And I always serve copious amounts of fruit - especially pineapple, bananas, raspberries and strawberries.

Photo courtesy Robin Miller

Mid-Morning: Then, we jump in the car and head to a store - Target, Barnes and Noble or Learning Express (a toy store near our house). Why? Because we buy a new game every Sunday and we play it all day! We take the game to our favorite Sunday mid-morning haunt - San Felipe's Mexican Cantina! We all adore their guacamole and fresh salsa - both are incredible. The guacamole has hints of onion, garlic lime and cilantro and hearty chunks of creamy avocado. The mildly spicy salsa is brimming with fresh tomato, jalapeno, black beans, corn and cilantro. Their homemade tortilla chips are crisp, salty and the icing on the cake! We nosh on the delicious food while we play the game!

Photo courtesy Robin Miller
San Felipe's guacamole and tortilla chips

Afterwards, we often go bowling or to Dave and Busters for some arcade games before heading home for a "pizza party". Every week we order from Streets of New York - my favorite pizza joint in AZ. We get the primavera pizza which is loaded with onions, bell peppers and olives and a mushroom pizza - both on ultra thin crusts. The blanket goes on the floor, the movie goes on and we hunker down with pizza and a movie. Few things are better than that. We chase the pizza with my homemade chocolate chip cookies - crammed with extra chocolate chips.

Photo courtesy Robin Miller
Streets of New York primavera and mushroom pizzas on ultra-thin crusts
Photo courtesy Robin Miller

It's the perfect day.

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The perfect ending
The perfect ending

 Then, just before bedtime, I produce three or four perfect pellets of lavender-scented poo which I form into mini-candles that we'll burn on Earth Day. Perfect.

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