Matt's Big Breakfast vs. Over Easy: Omelet Onslaught

Matt's omelet.jpg
The contender from Matt's Big Breakfast
Omelets are like the salad of breakfast. Want bacon? Throw some in. How about veggies? Toss those in, too. And cheese, well, what would an omelet be without cheese? The easy customization makes these popular breakfast chow. But, as seemingly easy as they are to make, omelets are just as easy to mess up. The eggs can be too thick and overcooked, the add-ons can be too big or too small, and the edges might not be perfectly crisp.


In this week's Battle of the Dishes, we're pitting two local breakfast giants against one another, omelet-a-omelet. Matt's Big Breakfast and Over Easy are frequently named as top breakfast joints, and both of them were featured on Food Network's Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.

So, whose omelet will come out on top? Find out after the jump.

In One Corner:
Matt's Big Breakfast
801 N. 1st St.

The Set Up: Tucked into a charming old house, dining at Matt's Big Breakfast feels a little like you're at your old fashioned relative's place. The restaurant has enough vintage accoutrements to feel homey while also feeling light and clean. Be warned - Matt's usually has a wait time of at least 15 minutes.
Pros: This cheddar cheese omelet was huge and stuffed to the gills, and it came with tons of hash browns and two thick slices of toast. This is a great value for the money. It was delicious, albeit not off-the-charts amazing.
Cons: The three add-ons - onions, bell peppers, and bacon - were segmented inside. So the first 1/3 was an onion omelet, the middle was a bacon omelet, and the last part had bell peppers. It's safe to say that everyone would prefer these mixed together. The omelet was also slightly too buttery, and the edges weren't crisp.

Over Easy omelet.jpg
The contender from Over Easy. Mmm...bacon.
In the Other Corner: Over Easy 4730 E. Indian School Rd. Phoenix

The Set Up: The interior is an updated diner. It's brightly colored and fun with kiddie umbrellas hanging from the ceiling and cartoonish animals on the walls. On a Saturday afternoon, this place was bustling, but we didn't have to wait for a table. This restaurant is run like a well-oiled machine, and it's designed to seat a lot of people.
Pros: This is what omelets should taste like. The eggs were light and fluffy, and the edges were crispy. The red and green bell peppers were cut in big, juicy pieces. The onions were diced small so that they weren't overwhelming. Oh my, and the bacon - crispy, thick cut, and delicious. This omelet wasn't too buttery or heavy, and it didn't leave me feeling guilty for wolfing it down.
Cons: There's honestly nothing bad to say about the actual omelet. However, for the same price as the omelet at Matt's, this one only came with hashed browns. (I don't really need the toast, so that's no big deal for me, but it might be for some people.)

The Verdict: It should be pretty clear by now that Over Easy won this Omelet Battle spatulas down. As their name implies, they really know how to cook eggs. Matt's Big Breakfast most likely beats them in some other breakfast categories, but the victory for omelets (and hash browns) goes to Over Easy.

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Location Info

Over Easy

4730 E. Indian School Road, Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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Maybe you should try Harlow's Cafe in Tempe before you tell us about the overrated OverEasy!!!!

Joel LaTondress
Joel LaTondress

browned edges on an omelet? the french would be horrified by your winning criteria.


Harlow's is only good when you've got a five star hangover and need eggs maximillian stat.

Kyle Hildebrant
Kyle Hildebrant


Seriously, browned edges? An omlet should be fluffy and not overcooked. I love Matt's Big Breakfast, and I love Matt (sorry), but the Over Easy omelet is hands down better. Anye with half a brain could look at the two photos presented here and tell you so. Matt's is clearly overcooked.

There's no way to get "browned edges"—maybe short of a torch—without over-cooking an omelet.

Dominique Chatterjee
Dominique Chatterjee

For sure. Thanks for pointing that out. I've eaten omelets in France, and the browned edges aren't exactly authentic. However, most Denver-style omelets seem to have crispy edges, and we are in America after all.

It's actually pretty awesome how many types of omelets there are. Wikipedia lists 15 international varieties.

come on
come on

Oh quoted Wikipedia.  come on.

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