Laurie Notaro's Chicken Pot Pie, Pot-Infused Vodka and 8 More Favorite Recipes of 2011

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Laurie Notaro

​Boy, are we full.

2011 was a year of great new restaurants, delicious morsels -- and many new recipes to try. Here are a few of the favorites Chow Bella shared with you this last year.

 10. Laurie Notaro's Chicken Pot Pie

Not only was our favorite funny lady kind enough to share her thoughts on crazy culinary trends,  she also offered up her recipe for chicken pot pie, a comfort food more in line with her tastes (and, frankly, ours).

Get nine more recipes after the jump.

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​9. Carol Blonder's Borscht

In the heat of summer, Blonder cooled our heels and our hearts by sharing her grandmother's cold beet soup recipe.

8. Molly Wizenberg's Orangettes

What?! You haven't yet joined the Chow Bella Book Club?! In December, book club leader Jennifer Woods made Molly Wizenberg's chocolate-dipped orange peel to munch while she read Wizenberg's A Homemade Life. Delish.

7. Ando Muneno's Triple Bacon Corn Monstrosities

In honor of the Arizona State Fair, Ando Muneno (the male half of our fall Wonder Intern team) fried up some disgusting delectable meat-on-a-stick times three. He won the nod from our "judge," Laura Hahnefeld, and points from all for his creativity and guts (that oil must have been hot!).

6. Six Ways to Cook with Marijuana

You haven't forgotten that 2011 was the year Arizona's medicinal marijuana law was (sort of) implemented, have you? We shared some easy pot-infused recipes as a public service. You're welcome.

Jonathan McNamara
​5. Cyndi Coon's Trefoil Terrarium

Our favorite art gal doesn't just cook, she creates, and this recipe was no exception, as Coon showed up for Chow Bella's Trefoil Showdown with a giant, all-edible terrarium that was both beautiful and tasty.

4. Michelle Martinez's Fried Chicken

One of our favorite features in 2011 was Martinez's Dinner and a Movie, in which she whipped up dinner including a main dish, cocktail and popcorn to accompany a movie. This time she made fried chicken to go alongside Little Miss Sunshine. Crisp!

3. Chef Christopher Gross' Scallops with Green Tea

The always gracious man behind Christopher's and Crush Lounge was kind enough to share with us a wonderful scallop recipe.

Jennifer Woods
​2. Jennifer Woods' Roasted Rosemary Turnips

We love Woods' In Season posts, and lately she's been sharing recipes that make use of what she gets each week from her CSA. This turnip recipe had us drooling in a way we never thought possible when it comes to veggies. Then again, Woods did once inspire us to use the phrase "beet porn."

1. Josh Hebert's Riff on Sweetbreads Puttanesca

We were lucky enough to step inside Josh Hebert's home kitchen, where the chef at Posh showed us how it's done -- and then some.

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