Herb 'N Flavors, Dr. Hummus' New Restaurant Now Open

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Vegan Spinach Artichoke Dip Herb N Flavor.jpg
Erica O'Neil
Dr. Hummus' so-good-you'll-never-know-it's vegan spinach and artichoke dip at Herb 'N Flavors.
Herb N Flavor Exterior.jpg
Erica O'Neil
Herb 'N Flavors, tucked away in a Tempe strip mall.
Farmers' market junkies know all about Dr. Hummus and his array of creative hummus, tapenade, and dip options. Saunter up to the booth, snag a pita chip, and nibble your flavor of choice. Try it before you buy it. ​(And you'll probably buy it, because Dr. Hummus has made his name making tasty dips.)

The newest venture of the owners of Dr. Hummus is a sit-down restaurant at the southeast corner of McClintock and Broadway in Tempe. Herb 'N Flavors ("urban flavors," a play on words?) opened in October and has been quietly gaining a following among some Tempe residents for its soups, salads, sandwiches, pizzas, and full entrees. 

Dr. Hummus and Co. pride themselves in using local, organic ingredients, and offering a largely healthy menu. But what were our first impressions of the casual lunch time vibe of Herb 'N Flavors? Read on to find out.

GLT Herb N Flavor.jpg
Erica O'Neil
The GLT from Herb 'N Flavors: gyros, lettuce, tomato, avocado, and spinach 'n artichoke dip.
​Our first impressions are that Herb 'N Flavors is suffering from a serious case of mistaken identity. The humble Mediterranean-style menu, small sales area for pita chips and containers of dip, and decor furnished entirely by IKEA seem more fitted to a casual, place your order at the counter type lunch joint than a full blown, sit-down restaurant.

Lentil Soup Herb N Flavor.jpg
Erica O'Neil
Lentil soup from Herb 'N Flavors.
During lunch, only three tables were occupied, each with their own waiter or waitress, and one busser wandering around trying to find something, anything, to fill the lull. You can only fill a water glass so many times. With no ambient music in the background, it was quiet as crickets and we tried to keep from eavesdropping on the only entertainment around, a group of ladies who lunch speaking loudly at the table next to ours. All in all, a bit of an awkward lunch time vibe. Too casual for such a formal sit down-style eatery, but with price points too high to justify a grab-and-go style diner.

​The food we sampled was also hit and miss. The vegan spinach and artichoke dip and many types of hummus are absolutely amazing. Check out Herb 'N Flavors and don't leave without sampling their tasty, namesake dips.

Unfortunately, the cup of lentil soup and Mediterranean salad were much more disappointing. Flavorless soup in serious need of a salt shaker, and an aggressively lemon dressing on an otherwise bland salad that left most of our greens inedible.

Mediterranean Salad Herb N Flavor.jpg
Erica O'Neil
Super lemony Mediterranean salad.
​Skip the soup 'n' salad and opt for the GLT (gyro, lettuce, and tomato) and strawberry lemonade instead! The gyros were slathered in spinach and artichoke dip, which is a fast way to make anything taste fantastic! The meat was also flavorful and lean, rather than being a grease fest. Add a tart and lightly sweetened strawberry lemonade, and you've got a pretty tasty lunch.

Just be prepared for price points a bit higher than a traditional lunch joint. Then again, traditional lunch joints don't boast locally sourced organic ingredients, so you're getting what you pay for. Only time will tell if Herb 'N Flavors has staying power in a town where restaurants tend to turn over as quickly as the semesters.

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After reading this column I was unsure if I wanted to visit this restaurant. I love Dr. Hummus products and I get them from the farmers markets and whole foods all the time.  I decided what the heck though, I wanna try the food myself and not take another persons opinion as fact.  I dined in yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised.  I ordered the chicken fantatsia cause I am on a gluten free diet, so the waiter suggested it to me, and also informed me that they had a gluten free, Vegetarian, and Vegan menu on the back of the menu. The food was amazing, service was great. I will be going back.


We went to lunch here a few days after it opened and we won't be back. I LOVE Dr Hummus's dips and hummus so I was excited to try the new restaurant. We ordered the carne tacos and the meat was stone cold, when I asked the waiter, he checked with the chef and the chef said the meat was cold due to the cold ingrediants on the taco. So in essence, the lettuce and tomatoes caused the meat to be frigidly cold. Also - our food (there were 3 of us) came out randomly. My pasta came out 15 minutes after the other dishes. The waiter asked my opinion of the meal and I gave it to him, nicely but honestly.


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hmmm.. cant wait to taste some of the tasty meals.. !!!


I am so Sorry to hear that happened to you. We have made many significant changes since we first opened, and on behalf of Herb N" Flavors as the Manager I would like to invite you and your friends back.

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