Hot Latte! Bikini-Clad Baristas May Soon Hit the Valley

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Baristas San Antonio.jpg
The exterior of Baristas' San Antonio location. "Costume Coffee" to go?
Baristas Rachel.jpg
Baristas' fantasy-based costumes?
Baristas Coffee Company, a Seattle-based franchise, could be branching out across the Valley. Local news outlets are reporting that up to five new java joints could be coming to Tempe and Scottsdale early next year. If you're thinking, "So what, it's just another Starbucks competitor," think more along the lines of Hooters or Tilted Kilt hopped up on espresso instead of crappy chicken wings.

The corporate uniform at Baristas is more Victoria's Secret than Seattle's Best. 
Baristas of this namesake coffee company are lingerie-bedecked bombshells slinging espresso drinks in the near nude. The corporate website promises, that they're "trained to interact with the customer to maximize sales" in "a variety of appealing costume-themed attire." Yeah, but how are the lattes? Not surprisingly, there's little on the website seems that focus on the quality of the coffee.

What do you think? Do baristas wearing itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikinis have a chance here in the sunny Southwest?
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Boobs and coffee? Maybe they'll hire lactating Baristas?


Scantily clad women serving it is worthless if the coffee sucks


not true, every time you sip the coffee you'll think of boobies. Boobs = win

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