Wendy's "Hot 'N Juicy Tour of America" Translates To: Get Your Ass to CityScape Today for a Free Cheeseburger and Frosty

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Wendy's, the fast food folks who recently brought their "updated urban design" to the Valley, are now driving a food truck through it -- and stopping long enough to unload a bounty of free cheeseburgers and Frosty's.

That's right: Free. Food. Sure, Wendy's will tell you it's all about their "Hot 'N Juicy Tour of America," (sounds dirty, right?) where you can taste test the reinvigorated Dave's Hot 'N Juicy hamburger, play some games, and have your photo taken and stuff, but we all know the real reason we're stopping by.

Look for the Wendy's free food truck from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. today, Wednesday, November 30, at CityScape in downtown Phoenix.

Oh, and if you're really curious about Wendy's Hot 'N Juicy Tour of America, go here.

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 no charge for extra grease!


thats a long way to go for a free burg. ho hum boring story.

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