Valley Mixologists Compete For Greatest Hangar One Cocktail in U.S.A.

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Richie Moe from Citizen Public House, chef Josh Hebert of Posh, Julie Hillebrand Tomey from J&G Steakhouse -- they're just three of twelve Valley mixologists battling each other and competitors across America for the title of greatest Hangar One cocktail and an all-expense paid trip to the Hangar One Vodka Distillery in Alameda, California.

The twelve finalists (who also include Kris Korf from The Parlor, Sean Traynor from Windsor, Micah Olson from Merc Bar, and Travis Nass from Rancho Pinot) each have a video on the Hangar One Facebook page with the winners being determined by the most number of "likes" their video receives over a 60 day duration. Regional winners will be announced in February 2012, with the grand prize winner being announced later in the spring.

To see all of the contestants and their videos, go here. To vote for your favorite, go here.

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foofster says hi!
foofster says hi!

too bad there is not a way for non-facedorkers to participate.  would love to vote for julie, she rocks!

Eli Chapman
Eli Chapman

Hey foofster - I'm working with Hangar One on this Cocktail Contest, and if you want to participate as a non-facebooker you can do a couple things, 1) you can comment on Julie's entry page (click on her photo on this page ) You should be able to comment using a login other than Facebook. Those comments count towards the bartender's total (facebook has different ways of counting 'likes' and comments count in their calculations). Also, you can share that URL of the bartender's video via email or however else you might share a link. Just some thoughts. But wanted to make sure you knew there were still ways to help spread the word about your favorites!

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