PETA'S Cutest Vegetarian Kids Contest Less Judgmental Than Its "Your Mommy Kills Animals" Comic Book (Not Really.)

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Hey kids! PETA, the radical animal rights organization responsible for the comic book targeted at young people entitled, "Your Mommy Kills Animals," is currently heading up its 2011 Cutest Vegetarian Kid Contest -- 'cause meat-eating kids are as hideous as their parents!!!

PETA's contest hopes to celebrate the "radiance and appeal of vegetarians" by selecting one vegetarian boy and girl from ten finalists who will receive a prize pack filled with blood-stained fur goodies and the opportunity to appear in a PETA Kids ad.

Interestingly enough, two boys from Arizona have made the cut. A 5-year-old from Scottsdale who donated $42 from his piggy bank to a local animal shelter, and an 8-year-old from Flagstaff who won't use products that have been tested on animals and won't wear animal fur or wool.

"More and more Americans are going vegetarian every day, and young people are leading the charge," says PETA Assistant Manager Emily Nash. "It's no wonder: Vegetarians are slimmer, trimmer, and healthier, on average, than meat-eaters are, so they're bound to be a lot cuter too!"

Ouch. Take that animal killing moms and dads of less attractive meat-eating children. Kiss those dreams of your little one representing a controversial, media-stunt hungry, organization goodbye.

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What hypocritical ASSHOLES. They pass judgment like this, but last year PETA killed 94% of the dogs and cats placed in their care. The year before, they killed 97% of them. Don't believe it? Here's proof of last year:

Phoenix New Times, PLEASE stop giving these vile monsters the attention they crave.


Wow. Way to be angry about a positive contest that congratulates kids on being nice to animals. Relax, will ya? I think we could all benefit from people being a bit less hateful and a lot more positive. Geez. 

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