Liberty Market To Host Five-Course, "Fast Food" Feast

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Leave it to Liberty Market, the brainchild of restaurateur Joe Johnston and Gilbert's go-to for gourmet burgers, to host their last community dinner in honor of National Fast Food Day (November 16.)

Starting at 6:30 p.m., Monday and Tuesday, November 21 and 22, Liberty Market will host a five-course, "Fast Food" Feast based on popular items from a fast food chain but with an upgraded twist. A beer pairing and an adult beverage pairing (also a spin on a popular fast food chain's drinks), are available at an an additional cost.

The cost of the dinner is $39. With the beer pairing, $49. With the adult beverage pairing, $59. Seating is limited. To make reservations, sign up at the E61 Espresso Bar inside Liberty Market.

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Matthew Engquist
Matthew Engquist

That does sound like a great idea for a business. It can be a product that would stand out compared to its fast food peers, a novelty that can attract a crowd easily. There are a lot of fast foods out there, so a good menu of them done in this gourmet style may generate a lot of interest.

Clint Shaff
Clint Shaff

Mm, that sounds tasty and fun. Putting some extra oomph into the standard fast food menu can help spice things up a bit. Taking that extra effort to increase the quality works well too. Also, the option of beer can help attract an adult audience looking for a good time and good food.

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