Iron Chef Jose Garces Opens Two Restaurants at Scottsdale's New Saguaro Hotel

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Whiskey King Burger
The Saguaro, the stylish new hotel that opened the first week of November in Scottsdale (formerly Hotel Theodore and Mondrian), has two of its three eateries from executive chef and Iron Chef Jose Garces ready to be sampled.

Old Town Whiskey is an upscale saloon featuring over 100 varieties of whiskey, bourbon, rye, and scotch, plus inventive cocktails and classic American eats. An all-day menu will include raw bar selections of oysters and clams, duck fat fries, house-made cheese puffs, salads, and house-cured pickles, with the main event being the burgers. The 8 oz. patties, enriched with Kobe fat, will be included in creations like the Old Town Burger, with house-made Thousand Island dressing, and the Whiskey King topped with maple bourbon glazed cipollini, Rogue blue cheese, applewood smoked bacon, and foie gras.

The Saguaro's java joint, Garces Trading Company (GTC) Coffee To-Go, will serve Chef Garces' custom-roasted coffees. Distrito, the modern Mexican restaurant in the hotel, will open in early December.

Keep reading to see the food, cocktail, and whiskey menus from Old Town Whiskey.

OTW Dinner Menu 10.31.jpg

OTW Whiskey Menu 10.31.jpg

OTW Cocktail Menu 10.31.jpg

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shitty beer selection!  That's the best you can do!  The food looks good, i will give you that.

David M. Johnson
David M. Johnson

The whiskey and malt prices seemed pretty high at OTWB. I thought the barmen were great fellows and would love to haunt there, but with my limited drinking wallet...I will be hitting up Citizens Pub for imbibbing. Nice effort, but that is steep 2 oz pricing.

Revolving Door Venue
Revolving Door Venue

  This property and its restaurant venues have changed hands so many times over that it's hard to get excited about what's next. Some locations just seemd to be jinxed. This one could probably use a good exorcism at this point. Good luck, Chef. Wearing some of that fresh garlic from your pantry around your neck probably wouldn't hurt, capisce?

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