Chompie's Lou & Lovey Videos Are Like Napoleon Dynamite, But With a Wolf Room, Senior Bling, and a Rockin' 'Stache

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Sometimes the internet takes a break from its usual offering of ridiculous celebrity gossip, people attempting to dance, and angry cats to bring us something truly wonderful.

This week, Chompie's, the New York-style deli chain operating in the Valley since 1979, released two videos of its founders, Lou and Lovey Borenstein, speaking about how they came to Phoenix and how they've stayed together.

Charming, funny, and thoughtfully quirky, the videos are skillfully done with the camera work reminiscent of Napoleon Dynamite. And, if by the end of watching them, you don't want more of the wolf room, are envious of the Neil Diamond poster on the refrigerator, or have much respect for Lou's through-the-years rockin' 'stache and bling, then you, my friend, may be in need of a Jewish slider or two.

See the second video after the jump.

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Shooter McGaven
Shooter McGaven

Holy shit, these two are rock stars! LOVE the videos, and I love Chompies. Best bagels in AZ, although they have never brought me to tears. Keep up the good work, and long live the Borensteins!


You couldn't create these characters in Hollywood. Their the real thing!!!

Oren Molovinsky
Oren Molovinsky's nice to see a local small business keep it's doors open for this long and maintain it's integrity.  Now I know why!

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