Walmart Closing All Four of Its Marketside Stores on Friday

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After three years of attempting to give shoppers shoppers a quick place to buy prepared foods, a la Fresh & Easy, the retail giant Walmart is closing all four of its Marketside stores this Friday.

The 16,000-square-foot stores, located in Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, and Tempe, offered, along with prepared foods, items like roasted chickens, baked bread, produce, wine, and other groceries.

The Republic reports that the closures "will affect about 90 workers who will be given priority for job openings at other Walmart stores in metro Phoenix."

After abandoning Marketside, the Arkansas-based retailer, Reuter's reports, is now banking on Walmart Express, a small-store concept of general merchandise and groceries launched in June and designed to be placed in locations where its big-box concept won't work.

So far, the Republic reports, no Walmart Express locations are planned for Arizona.

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Anita Barzilla
Anita Barzilla

I'm so sad! I love Marketside and got to know some of the people there. I also know our store was ALWAYS busy (Chandler). I don't understand that. What I loved: close to home, small footprint, carried most of the best selling items, carried almost everything I needed all the time, great pizza, great roasted chicken and turkey, lovely vegetables and fruit, a nice selection of chicken and beef, deli declined recently (but I liked it a lot before), I'm sure others enjoyed the well-stocked beer, wine and alcohol section, the personal touch from employees, Redbox right in the store, the hours...and, oh yes, the PRICES! I drove to the nearest store after I saw mine closing and they were gone, too. I must have missed the announcement. I'm still in shock. I should have I'm squawking now! You know, I think some stores would benefit from online marketing instead of mailers. So, that's it! Bye-bye!


This should be a good reason for Alice Walton to go out and get ripped & then drive home....

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