Seth Chadwick of Feasting in Phoenix Blog Says Goodbye

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On Sunday, local food blogger Seth Chadwick, who started Feasting in Phoenix, the blog he labeled as, "When Zagat meets Sex and the City. . .," posted his last entry.

Started in 2005, Feasting in Phoenix featured Chadwick's reviews from eateries around the Valley and, occasionally, the country, treating readers to fancy excursions along with photos to complement.

Chadwick, who hadn't posted on Feasting in Phoenix since his review of Big Earl's BBQ in February, cited burnout, the economy, and food blogging corruption (bloggers willing to take money in exchange for writing a good review) as some of the reasons behind his decision.

See Chadwick's last post in its entirety here.

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Going to miss Feasting in Phoenix.. amazing blog!

Jazzy jeff
Jazzy jeff

glad its over.  less talkie, more doie.


We heard you twice the first time.

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