Renegade Canteen's Tequila Dinner and Healthy Orange Ginger Chicken in Today's Eater's Digest

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Tequila Cocktails and Cuisine 
Tequila for dinner? Why not. Join Scottsdale's Renegade Canteen for an evening of tequila and cuisine tomorrow, October 13th, at 6 p.m. Even without former executive chef Robert McGrath, the  special five-course dinner featuring southwestern inspired dishes will go on. Baja scallops with an heirloom tomato sauce, pan-roasted Baja Pompano, roasted duck breast with calabacitas and black beans, braised oxtail, and a chocolate taco with fresh fruit and berries for dessert are all on the menu.  Each course will be paired with a Tequila Corrido cocktail shaken up by the bar staff at the Renegade. Reservations are required, $59 ++ per person, seating is limited. Call 480-614-9400 to save your spot. 

Homemade Orange Chicken
Orange chicken can go one of two ways -- it can taste like Skittles or it can have just the right amount of tang and spice to make it a delicious meal. This recipe from Branny Boils Over is the perfect example of the latter. Boneless chicken breast is spiced up with the juice from a fresh orange, ginger, garlic, and Sriracha then lightly sauteed and serve next to healthy soba noodles and green beans. This one is going into regular rotation at our house! 

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