Phoenix Coyotes Offering Food Allergy-Friendly Suite Rentals

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Holy peanut ban! Looks like I unintentionally made myself the Main Street on a hater parade when I put up a post this week about Trick-or-Trunk, a Halloween event I said was kinda lame for kids with and without food allergies.

And while I maintain a parking lot and decorating the back of an SUV doesn't sound like much fun for anyone, I did come across something pretty cool in the family fun category -- ice cold to be specific -- and (bonus) it's allergy-friendly, too.

The Phoenix Coyotes, the pro ice hockey team based at the Arena in Glendale, along with the Phoenix Allergy Network, has announced it's offering an allergy-friendly suite for "families who want to enjoy NHL hockey and world-class events in a setting that is shared by people with like symptoms."

According to the Coyotes' website, the private suite is cleaned prior to the event, there's a ban on peanuts, and the facility even offers an allergy-friendly menu designed by Aramark, Arena, and the Phoenix Allergy Network that's free of the top eight allergens, including peanut, tree nut, soy, wheat, dairy, egg, shellfish, and fish (You can bring food from the concessions into the suite with the exception of peanuts and tree nuts.).

World-class events, hockey games, suite seats, no decorating car trunks, AND allergy-free? Sounds like a little something for everyone. Get the details and see the menu after the jump.

For more information on the Coyotes and the Arena allergy-friendly suite, go here.


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Gila River Arena

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Thank you for writing something positive for food allergies...  It's not that people hated you for what you wrote, at least, I know I didn't.  It was just a bit cold to say that an event for children who have this invisible disability was lame. It's like saying a playground renovation to include children in wheelchairs is "lame". Regardless of what people think,... that we are being overprotective or over exaggerating, doesn't change the fact that most if not all of us allergy moms and dads have seen our children suffer a severe reaction and fight for life sometimes over something as stupid as playing peekaboo in a jacket that the wearer had eaten PB crackers in two days prior. That was my girl. When unseen peanut residue nearly kills, it's life changing. We want our children included in everything they can be included in. It's bad enough when your children hear an ice cream trucks jingle in front of your house and sit on the ground crying quietly while they watch other children run to it with such joy. So, again, thank you for posting something positive. You're not hated by me at least. You just needed to hear our side.  Thank you and God Bless you and yours...

Susan Clemens
Susan Clemens

Thanks Laura, I appreciate your acknowledgement.  I still hope you can attend the trunk and treat event not because it's fun, but to see the pleasure on the faces of the children.They just want something to look forward to. 

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