Tamales, Produce, Dairy and Food Trucks at New Saturday Morning North Central Phoenix Farmers' Market

Jennifer Woods
Piestewa Peak makes a nice backdrop for the rows of white tents on the lush green lawn.
There's a new Saturday morning farmers' market perfect for the North Central Phoenix post-soccer family crowd. It's called the Central Farmers' Market and it's weekly on Saturday mornings (9 a.m. - 2 p.m.) at the CrossRoads United Methodist Church on the SE corner of Central and Northern.

Bo Mostow, the market organizer, is also a nutritionist and a North Central mom of 3. She's been designing and planning this market for the last few years. It's finally here. She says it's "predominantly a food market, but will feature 2-3 local artists/craft vendors weekly (we are calling them our Guest Artists). We have a full indoor patio for eating. As we grow larger we will have a walk-in dairy room where customers can buy Superstition Farm ice cream, milk -- everything."

Jennifer Woods
You can choose from outdoor dining al fresco -- or indoors for inclimate weather and corraling the little ones.

There are some pretty stellar features at this market. Indoor bathrooms, plenty of parking, lots of shade, indoor dining rooms, a growing food truck area, early market lawn yoga this Saturday (9 a.m. - 10 a.m. - bring your own mat and $5) and they've only been open since October 1st.

You'll find the market regulars like Double Check Ranch, Superstition Farms Dairy, Horny Toad Farms, Alaskan Pride Seafoods, and Molly's Tamales. Fossil Creek Creamery plans to make their debut in November. Check out the vendor list from their website.

Jennifer Woods
Pinnacle Farms one of the many produce vendors -- they grow and source high quality produce for their patrons.

For those of you who follow the food trucks around town, follow Torched Goodness, Epic Hot Dogs, Burgermania and Taste Rite over to the market starting this Saturday, too.

We are fond of all the market vendors but were particularly happy last Saturday with the the empanadas from The Corn Flower. We tried the apple and adored the chewy flaky crust. We were told by Executive Chef Cecy Solano and her partner Fernando Solano to come back for the ground meat with red wine sauce -- it was sold out by the time we came back to do just that.

Jennifer Woods
Executive Chef Cecy Solano of The Corn Flower catering and gourmet empanadas.

As the weather cools, you might think you were in California with all the grass and palm trees. This is a solid market with a huge early following. If you're in the area, you should stop by (the best variety will be there right at 9, before the first of the Saturday soccer game families can get there).
Jennifer Woods

Full disclosure: Jennifer Woods works for one of the produce vendors at this market, Crooked Sky Farms.

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hard to swallow humbler pie
hard to swallow humbler pie

So, made a second visit today. Found three food trucks firing up for business, but at 9:30 in the morning, their burgers and dogs-focused fare didn't grab me. At this point, I think I'm content to wait a month or so to see if more vendors make the scene. Again, nice vibe but not enough on display to interest me on a weekly basis. For next year's New Times Best of Phoenix awards, though, I'd nominate this venue as "The best place to bring your dog as MILF bait and leave with an $8 loaf of bread."

cornering a new market
cornering a new market

Went there for a first look-see last weekend. Love the locale (just a few dog-walking blocks from home). Nice neighborhood vibe. The only issue as we saw it was the fairly limited number of vendors, which, for a new farmer's market, is certainly understandable. If organizers can court more (there's ample room), then I think folks will support the venue. As is, I don't think it offers every weekend appeal for the farmer's market crowd.

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