Mrs. White's Recipe for Success

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Mrs. White's
Mrs. White's Golden Rule Cafe
A photo of Mrs. White and her eldest son, Larry Sr.
This week we've been shooting the breeze with Phoenix's queen of down-home country cooking: Mrs. Elizabeth White of Mrs. White's Golden Rule Cafe.

Since Mrs. White doesn't use recipes in the kitchen, for the last part of this Chef Chat we're bringing you the kind of advice you can only get from a veteran, someone who's been through it all. Someone like Mrs. White.

Get Mrs. White's recipe for owning a successful cafe after the jump.

Great food
Good location


1. Love what you do

"If you don't like it, it's a lot of hours--you're not going to stay in it. You've got to love it."

2. Location, location, location

"Find the place. You got to go to the city and see if the place is right for you and your business."

3. Keep it simple

"Don't try and overload yourself with, 'Oh, I'm going to get this new thing because it's new and it looks café's going to look the best.' You better wait. Start simple. And as you grow your business will grow. I remember when we moved down here, our booth was handmade. My brother had made it!"

4. Do the math

"When you get in that café you got to think about your tax, your overhead, your lights, your rent, your utilities--and add your groceries. All of that has to get paid first. It's took us five years to get established and for people to start coming. That's a long time"

5. Have faith

"Put Jesus first and then go from there."

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