More and More Cats Are Being Named After Food, Still Not Coming When Called

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Does Mr. Jellybean want his nom noms?
​Good-bye Princess, hello Pringles.

A survey by UK charity Cats Protection has discovered that cat owners are increasingly naming their pets after food.

The online poll of more than 1,000 people showed that traditional cat monikers like Tiddles and Thomas were being ditched in favor of food-focused names including Pringle, Saffron, Sushi, Jellybean, Cabbage, Captain Haddock (more Tin Tin character than food), and one of the more trendier names -- Pilchard (sardine.)

"As well as some bizarre names such as Ichabod, Laiq, and Naquiba, we were surprised by the huge number of suggestions related to refreshments," says Karen Thompson, deputy manager at the National Cat Adoption Centre, "which is a move away from the traditional human names that most owners used to give their cats."

The survey also said people would name their cats after (no shit) Harry Potter characters.

Via: The Telegraph

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My brother named his cat "Tuna" 20 years ago.  (She's still alive, btw).


Mine is called Edamame, aka Eddy.


our pug puppy is named yeah. this is a thing.

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