Closed: Camarones Mexican Grill

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Well, that does it for local restaurant chain, Camarones Mexican Grill

According to their Facebook page, Twitter, and website, the Mexican restaurant, previous know as Gardunos, has shut the doors for good on their final location at Glendale's Westgate Center. The Chandler and Scottsdale locations had closed down back in 2009. 

This message was left behind by the Camarones Management team 

"Unfortunately, due to the economy we have been forced to close our last location at Westgate, Glendale, AZ. Thank you for your many years of support. We hope to serve you in the future." 

It's always a bummer to see the local guys drown, but when you're swimming in corporate-shark infested waters, you're taking a huge risk and mixed reviews just aren't going to cut it. 

At least there will always be Margaritaville (just kidding -- do not eat there. Seriously). 

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Must be rough making a go of it in this economy, especially out in Westgate.

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