Chef Justin Beckett to Speak at TEDxPhoenix

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David Moore
​At an event where speakers "share their life's work, passions, and concepts," selecting Justin Beckett, owner and chef of Beckett's Table, one of the first restaurants to bring seasonal American cooking to the Valley, to participate at this year's TEDxPhoenix event seems like a no-brainer.

TEDxPhoenix, an offshoot of the wildly popular TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) conference that started in 1984, gives featured speakers three to fifteen minutes to explore, inspire, and share ideas based on a common theme. The theme for this year is "_______ for a Change" (the blank is filled in with each speaker's topic.)

See Beckett, and a host of other inspiring speakers from various disciplines at TEDxPhoenix 2011, Friday, November 11, at the Mesa Arts Center. To buy tickets or for more information, go here.

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first restaurant doing seasonal American? tarbells has been doing it for over 15 years. shall I name a bunch more?

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