Woman Who Found a Carrot That Looks Like an "Alien Baby" in Her Garden Makes Us Wonder What the Hell Else Is Buried There

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John Connor
John Connor
Yvonne Darnell of Burgess Hill, West Sussex, pulled a baby carrot out of her garden she said looked like, well, a baby.

"I couldn't believe it," Darnell said. "It's so funny. I saw it and thought, 'It looks like an alien baby'."

According to the Argus, Darnell has named the carrot "Kevin," says her family thinks its cute but her cat has been giving it the "evil eye," and predicts Kevin will have "a short but happy life."

Hahahahaha! Oh that's, funny -- wait,-- what? Hey, that's not funny, that's creepy. RUN! Run away, everyone! Grab Kevin and the cat and get the hell out of that house -- it's a trap, a TRAAAAAAP!

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she's Bugsette Bunny
she's Bugsette Bunny

  If I were Carrot Boy, I'd be less worried about the cat and more worried about Yvonne (check out those chompers!).

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