Where Am I Eating?

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Sometimes when you write about something enough, you just have to have it. Such was the case last week after writing about this juicy burger from a favorite Arcadia hot spot. The dark cool atmosphere was a nice break from the heat and the burger was cooked to medium-rare perfection and topped with arugala, thick cut bacon, and smoked gouda. Do you know where I'm eating? 
Email the correct answer to whereamieating@newtimes.com  and I will randomly pick a winner from all of the correct guess and send them a prize. This week's prize -- a $25 gift card to Coach & Willie's. 

Last week, I had a meatball sandwich on straight outta the oven bread from Cibo. Jason is  our correct guess of the week. Congrats  and a big thanks to everyone who played.  

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Location Info

Cibo Urban Wine Cafe & Pizzeria

603 N. Fifth Ave., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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Looks like a burger at The Vig.


I do believe you're correct.  At first glance, I thought "Christopher's", but that's Biltmore, not Arcadia, and the bun is wrong.  I also don't recall getting the pickle spear at Christopher's.  I haven't been to the Vig for a while, but yes, I think that is the VigAzz Burger.

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