In Season: Vanilla Honeydew Shake with Cardamom

Since we've gotten close to making a complete seasonal circle, and getting close to roots and shoots season, we thought we'd start morphing In Season posts into something new. The idea: check out what I take home from Crooked Sky Farms each week and see what I've done with my CSA share (or part of a share). When I go to the farm in South Phoenix, I'm very careful not to take home any the produce that has already been carefully counted (and sometimes re-counted) and set aside for the refrigerated "reefer" truck to deliver to either Tucson, Flagstaff, Tempe or any of the Crooked Sky Farms pick-up locations around Arizona.

Jennifer Woods
Look at that juicy melon, can you smell it through your computer or smart phone?

Lately we've had a lot of extra melons. If you missed our earlier In Season post on melons, it's right here. I'm typically the only melon eater in my house but my 1 year old is starting to get hooked. I'm glad she can start helping me gobble up all the sweet flowery juicy melon in the house.

Last week, I cut up my small honeydew and still got four whole cups of chopped melon. I portioned out some for eating, a couple cups for a vanilla honeydew shake and I froze the rest for more shakes or perhaps a melon sorbet in a few months when they're long gone.

Jennifer Woods
I know you know how to cut up melon, here's what I did just in case you wanted a visual...

Here's how to make the shake. The shake doesn't have a recipe per se, just a general method - use what you have at home.

In my blender I added:

a few cups of chopped honeydew
a few scoops of vanilla ice cream
a few cups of milk (more for a thinner "shake" or less for a thick and creamy one)

The rest of the recipe, after the jump...

Jennifer Woods
I blended it on high for about 1 minute. Let it go longer, if you don't want to taste any melon bits.

Then before serving, I sprinkled a pinch of ground cardamom on top. It's my version of a mango lassi.

Jennifer Woods
Vanilla Honeydew Shake with Cardamom Sprinkle. Enjoy.

I made a thin version this week and absolutely adored every sip.

What have you done with your melons lately?

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Made honeydew & green tea (with a lil ginger and lemon balm too) popsicles! 

Jennifer Woods
Jennifer Woods

Honeydew and Green Tea sound great together...and ginger and lemon balm too.  Love it!!

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