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Nicole Smith
The Spot: Roosevelt Tavern, 816 N. Third St., Phoenix, 602-254-2561.

The Hours: 5 to 7pm, weekdays (closed Monday). All night long, Sundays.

The Details: Happy hour just got even happier at this historic Downtown Phoenix destination. Choose from four options -- $3 featured beer, $4 featured bar snack, $5 select white wine, and $6 select red wine.

"bar snack" at The Roosevelt doesn't mean a bowl of crappy trail mix. The featured $4 item on the day we went was a yummy turkey, bacon and Havarti sandwich on grilled brioche bread, easily sharable for two.

(The Roosevelt gets scored, after the jump.)  
Nicole Smith
$4 featured bar snack and a $5 white blend
The Interior: Located in the historic Downtown Phoenix Art District, The Roosevelt is one of our favorite cool and cozy hangouts. The interior is set up with plush couches, retro chairs and small tables, literally making you feel like a house guest of an uber cool local. The regular clientele seems to be artistic- types both young and old.  

On a Sunday night, business was slow but with the killer price points and all night offering on this happy hour deal, we assume the reason to be a cursed night in Downtown Phoenix.

The Cost: The featured bar snack, one small plate appetizer and three glasses of white wine came out to $23, before tax and tip.

Nicole Smith
The Conclusion: A recently lowered happy hour menu price point gives us even more of an incentive to make The Roosevelt a weekday destination. Considering the quality and portion size of their featured "bar snack," we were blown away by the $4 price.

The two young and unfriendly girls behind the bar were really our only complaint, especially since we were two of the four people in the place that night.

Ultimately, we were impressed by the dollar-saving HH menu and The Roosevelt's always affordable and consistent wine-bar type small plate menu (try the jumbo pretzel served with yummy whole grain and honey mustard for dipping, that's always only $4), summarizing the happy hour here to be the perfect place to grab an early evening snack and wine-buzz, solo or with a few of your favorite chill friends.

Overall Grade: B

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The Roosevelt Tavern - CLOSED

816 N. Third St., Phoenix, AZ

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I agree, the service is shit!  The problem I have with it is that there is no LOCAL BREWERS on Tap.  Come on!  They serve this distributors shit.  Tell the distributor you want local only or are you too big of a pussy to do so.  I could care a less, it's your damn business.


I love the Roosevelt too, but there are serious problems with the service. Many of the servers seem as happy as Gitmo detainees, wtf? There is one that looks like an Adam's Family extra, and she is just a total turd. I really hope the owners figure it out, I have had several friends comment on it. Too bad, as the product and environment are SO good.


Seriously?!?!  It hasn't even been a full year since New Times wrote a review for this place.  As you can see from the February review - the prices haven't changed.  The interior hasn't changed.  Come on!  I love The Roosevelt, but don't you think as food bloggers you should branch out a little bit.  Maybe try Portland's right up the street or Carly's.  Not sure if you're a rook, but your manager should have at least remembered the same article was written not more than 7 months earlier.  



Carly's? That place makes Roosevelt look like Nordstrom's. Total shit service at Carly's that place sucks like a dyson.


I'm not implying Carly's is better.  More that this blog should probably wait more than a year before reviewing the same spot.  Also, upon reviewing the same bar it would be nice if they had something different to say then the previous reviewer.  That's all.  

Amy Silverman
Amy Silverman

Alison -- Thanks for pointing that out! We publish 10-12 blog posts a day on Chow Bella, five days a week, so sometimes we do repeat ourselves. It's certainly not intentional and I'm sorry you are so offended! We will try to do better next time, I promise.

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