Five of the Most Expensive Cheeses in the Universe

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3. Moose cheese

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If you're ever in Bjurholm, Sweden, be sure to stop by the Moose House, a 59-acre moose dairy where you can meet Gullan, Haelga, and Juno. The three female moose were abandoned by their mother and taken in by the Johannson family. They now see the Johannsons "almost as their own calves," which is great because milking a 1,000-pound moose under any other conditions would probably be impossible -- definitely dangerous. The moose only lactate three to five months of the year and require the most tender of handling during milking since disturbances can cause the animals to get flustered and "dry-up." Each animal produces about a gallon of milk a day so the farm puts out about 660 pounds of buttery moose cheese a year.
We couldn't figure out if the farm takes credit cards so if you're interested in picking some up next time your going through the area, you'll want to bring some cash -- the cheese costs about $500/pound

2. Caciocavallo Podolico

This cheese is popular and widely used in southern Italy. Its name means "horse cheese." The name does not come from the type of milk used to produce it (obviously/thankfully), but rather from the fact that back in the day, it was hung off the back of a horse so it could be transported while it cured. The cheese has a distinctive pear shape and a shiny rind with a creamy white filling. It comes from the milk of a rare Italian breed of cow, the Podolica, which only produces milk during May and June.

If the image of curdling milk hanging off the back of a sweaty animal doesn't transport you to rustic Tuscany, maybe the price will. Pound for pound, Caciocavallo Podolco costs the same as its weight in silver, about $650/pound.

1. Ass (Donkey) Cheese

Evgeni Dinev
Home to 100 Balkan donkeys, the Zasavica Special Nature Reserve along the Zasavica River produces a smoked donkey's milk cheese that they call "Pule." They swear the obscene price of the cheese directly correlates to the value of the milk, which makes sense since one kilogram of cheese requires 25 liters of milk.

It's available on an advanced order basis and costs about $700/pound.

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Val Ulicki
Val Ulicki

I live in Wisconsin and have a difficult time believing Bitto is, "...the only cheese in the world that can ripen for over a decade..." especially since 12-15 year old cheddar is so common here, and I have seen older.


Cheddar is usually aged for 12 to 36 months not years. The older the Cheddar the Sharper it tastes.


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