Indo-Pak Deli Meets Driving School at the Corner of Camelback and 19th Avenue

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Need a driving lesson but don't want to do it on an empty stomach? Have I got some good news for you.

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Smaart Market & Deli, a new Indo-Pak eatery and grocery in Central Phoenix, recently opened on 19th Avenue and Camelback (in the strip mall where the Blimpie's used to be) and right next door to Ismaart Driving School.

Coincidence? Nope.

Abdulmajid Dere owns them both, and there's a common doorway between them -- paneled wood office on one side, halal market and deli on the other. Along with a few shelves of grocery items and halal meat like lamb shoulder and whole chickens, the deli offers a small but tight menu including chicken and beef tikka, lamb, kebabs, and falafel. There's also a couple of oddballs like pizza and wings.

I popped in for lunch and crushed a giant chicken tikka sandwich that was quite tasty, along with fries and a drink for around eight bucks.

Might be worth a try if you're in the area and suddenly feel the need for Indo-Pak, or a parallel parking lesson, or both.

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Laura, I agree that this hidden gem may have a small menu but believe that it was designed that way to focus on what the cook knows best. Personally, I prefer a small offering of very tasty goods versus a large offering of mediocre options. With that, the menu is diverse but I am not sure that the deli should be labeled as Indo-Pak cuisine... However, I will say that you will get THE best chicken shawarma around!!! I have sampled dozens of options and, despite some strong competition in the area, the Smaart Market and Deli has a stronghold on how shawarma should be done properly. From the grilled flat bread to the light and delectable sauce to the tender and amazingly seasoned chicken, this is one dish that you will always please the tastebuds! The lamb shank, talapia, gyros, and hot wings (yes, hot wings) are also impressive dishes. In addition to incredibly consistent satisfaction that you receive from the variety of foods and desserts, the attention to customer needs is unrivaled. This quaint family-owned and operated establishment is sure to please! The driving school amenity is just an added bonus :-). 

If you are wondering what to go with during your next visit, the chicken shawarma is exquisite! Don't forget to grab some aloe or coconut water to wash it down.  

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