New Dine-In Theater Coming to Scottsdale (and Bringing Coaster Lights)

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Hey, that's not burnt popcorn I smell -- it's a trend!

On the heels of the AMC Esplanade 14 Dine-In Theater opening on Wednesday, September 7, in Central Phoenix, comes the announcement that Studio Movie Grill (SMG), pioneer of the first-run, in-theatre dining concept, is coming to Scottsdale in early November.

The eighth location of the Dallas-based movie theater chain, the Scottsdale SMG will be the anchor of the new Sonora Village in North Scottsdale (15515 North Hayden Road, just south of Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard.)

Get the details of the SMG experience (including a seemingly annoying device called a coaster light) after the jump.

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Blinking coaster light says, "I want food."
Along with ticket prices starting at $5 for general admission and reserved seating, SMG features digitally projected first-run movies, a program called "SMG With A Twist," (3D concerts, limited release films, original series, documentaries, and screenings for families raising children with special needs), leather recliners and tables, and a menu of over 100 food and beverage items ranging from made-to-order loaded hamburgers, salads, and a bar offering draft beer, wines and spirits.

Hopefully this doesn't happen at a key moment in the movie.
How does it work?

Purchase tickets in advance to reserve your seat or get them at the door. Once inside, you'll get a menu and a coaster light that you turn on when you're ready to order. A server will then find you, take your order, and deliver it to your seat where you can munch away while watching the movie. Fifty minutes before the movie ends, you get your check.

What say you, dine-in theater munchers? Does SMG sound like something you'd try? Would you rather go to the AMC Esplanade 14 Dine-In Theater instead? Sit this trend out? Let us know in the comments section.

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Brittany Marlene
Brittany Marlene

The trend of dine-in theaters may seem relatively new, but there have been ma and pa dinner theaters and draft houses around for decades. I love the concept, and appreciate the convenience of chains turning to this more modern type of theater experience than the traditional status quo of popcorn and a movie (I hate popcorn!).For more information concerning the history of dine-in theaters, as well as the future of dine-in theaters, read my blog here: http://esplanade14.wordpress.c...-Brittany Marlene


It seems to me that you would need to go see a certain type of movie for this kind of experience to be good.  While I haven't been to any of the theatres out here, I have been to some similar ones in other parts of the country.  Anything that doesn't really have a plot that you have to pay attention to thumbs up, otherwise there are too many distractions.


Hate it. Went to IPic once. Never again. Don't care to smell food or hear chewing and slurping while I'm watching movie. Most people have finished their popcorn during the trailers so in most cases theater is quiet. I will avoid these theaters for sure.


Seems to work already at the IPIC Theater in Scottsdale.  They have been open almost a year with a similar concept. 

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