Essence Bakery Cafe Looking at Second Location in Central Phoenix

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The building of a possible second Essence Bakery site near Indian School and 40th Street in Central Phoenix.
Looks like Essence Bakery, the sunny spot of upscale comfort food in Tempe, has its sights set on a second location in Central Phoenix.

"We're cautiously optimistic," says Gilles Combes, co-owner and husband of chef and owner Eugenia Theodosopoulos. "The building has to go through rezoning."

The location, next to a chiropractor's office on Indian School Road, just east of Beckett's Table and a yet-to-open spot called The Madison (a rumored Pilates and yoga joint with a wine patio), used to house a telemarketing office. A rezoning sign in front of the property shows meetings in October and November.

"If anything happens, it won't be until next year," Combes tells me. "We haven't even started talking about how we'll split up responsibilities between the new place and the Tempe location yet."

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I would LOVE this!!!


Misleading title- I wouldn't call Indian School and 40th "central Phoenix" by a long shot. 


Oh how I <3 Essence! Look forward to having them closer...but not too close. That could be dangerous.

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