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Nicole Smith
The Spot: Citizen Public House, 7111 E. 5th Avenue Ste. E. Scottsdale, 480-398-4208.

The Hours: 3 - 6pm, daily.

The Details: "CPH Social" (yes, even the name of their happy hour is unique) offers a daily $2 discount on specialty cocktails, wine by the glass, draft beer, and bar snacks.

Bar snacks include foodie inspired items like "Tender Belly" Bacon Fat Popcorn ($3), "Kilt Lifter" fondue with smoked sausage, and toasted country bread ($7),
Grilled flatbread with hummus and tzatziki ($4), and our favorite, Gorgonzola- Emmental mac-n-cheese ($7).

When it comes to booze-infused beverages,
CPH's master mixologist Richie Moe never disappoints. After discount, prices on his killer cocktail concoctions range from $7 to $10 and incorporate retro-style cocktails like a Sazerac, Moscow Mule (or Moe'scow Mule) and Manhattan but never without a Richie Moe twist.

(CPH gets happy hour report carded, after the jump.)  
Nicole Smith
Gorgonzola- Emmental mac-n-cheese ($7)
The Interior: White tableclothes and gourmet goods make for an upscale environment, but the lively staff, wonderful management, and chill jams create a hip feel that strays far away from stuffy or pretentious. 

Nicole Smith
The Cost: Three bar snacks and three cocktails came out to $39, before tax and tip.

The Conclusion: There's no doubt a great happy hour is about fair discounts on quality food and booze, and we weren't surprised to see CPH soar above exceptional in this arena.  The mac-n-cheese was absolute low-note/ high-note perfection With a tomato relish garnish complimenting rich and creamy macaroni noodles, our table was nearly knife fighting for the bowl. The tatzki and hummus, served with grilled flatbread and a pickled cucumber exuded fresh flavor and the Kilt Lifter fondue made for a fun food sharing experience.

RIchie Moe's cocktails are truly one of a kind. The sangria was light, tart and not overpoweringly sweet but just sweet enough and the Citi-Zen and Berried Alive were similarly tasty. 

Though we were pleased with the gourmet aspect and delicious flavors of the discounted bar snacks, the tone in terms of food options and atmosphere is a bit too serious to be our first choice in a happy hour spot. CPH takes food seriously and that's why we can't wait to come back for a complete dining experience-- but probably not for their happy hour.

Overall Grade: B

Nicole Smith
Tatziki and hummas with warm flatbread ($4).

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Citizen Public House

7111 E. 5th Ave. Ste. E., Scottsdale, AZ

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I have been to HH at Citizen and I completely agree with her review. It was fair and I thought very complimentary. The food and drinks are above average but the atmosphere doesn't make you feel like getting loose with friends and cocktails. I think that is what she is saying and I don't agree that because of that she belongs at Dos Gringos. 

Meleyna Nomura
Meleyna Nomura

If I'm going somewhere FOR happy hour, CPH is not where I'll be headed.  To me, happy hour is for getting drunk early and fed for cheap--that's the reason happy hour exists.  If I want a great cocktail and something other than fried batter to sop up my well gin, CPH fits the bill.  Happy hour as most people expect it is not necessarily where CPH shines, but that's okay.  Walk across the street for that.  


I don't get it- the food is too good for the place to be worthy of a happy hour?  Isn't that like saying- "I don't like going to the Diamondbacks games- they win too much"?


not an apt comparison, really. The theme here is happy hour not dining.

Joel LaTondress
Joel LaTondress

I'm just gonna go out on a limb here and say that Nicole Smith is an early-20-something looking for not only a good deal, but also a party atmosphere at HH. Look at RA, Stingray or Dos Gringos as examples.  So yeah, if that's your idea of happy hour, CPH is pretty subdued and "serious". Luckily, there will be more open seats for us.

Richie Moe pours a serious drink - never been disappointed. I haven't been yet for happy hour, but I consider this a ringing endorsement.  

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