Urban Cookies (OllieCake) Wins Food Network's Cupcake Wars

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Sal and Brady on the set of Cupcake Wars in Los Angeles.
A tomato soup and grilled cheese cupcake? That sweet creation was one of four made by owner and baker Brady Breese and lead baker Salvador Garcia of the Valley's own Urban Cookies (the name changed to OllieCake for the show) to win last night's Cupcake Wars on the Food Network.

OllieCake's winning quartet of cupcakes.
"Going into this competition, we really felt like underdogs," Breese says. "Particularly since in our bakery we use all-natural organic ingredients and aren't expert decorators."

Breese, a self-taught culinary artist, and Salvador beat out the competition to win $10,000 cool ones. Along with the top cupcake display, OllieCake's four winning creations celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Miss USA Pageant.

Check out all the winning cupcakes, when they'll be available for us to mack on, and details about the show after the jump.

The following are OllieCake's four winning cupcakes and when they'll be available in-store:

Orange Olive Oil and Rosewater Cupcake
Bakery Release Date: Wednesday, Aug. 3
An orange olive oil cake brushed with a honey glaze and topped with a rosewater scented butter cream frosting and a rose petal.
$3.34 each

Peach-Berry Shortcake Cupcake
Bakery Release Date: Wednesday, Aug. 10
A peach corn cake is topped with whipped cream, a berry compote and a tarragon shortcake.
$3.34 each

Orange-Scented Chocolate Campfire Cupcake
Bakery Release Date: Wednesday, Aug. 17
An orange-scented chocolate cake is housed in an orange half, then topped with cream cheese frosting and dark chocolate chards.
$3.34 each

Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese Cupcake
Bakery Release Date: Wednesday, Aug. 24
Tomato and thyme cake is topped with a honey marscapone frosting, parmesan crisps and roasted, sugared tomatoes.
$3.34 each

All four winning cupcakes will be featured at OllieCake starting Wednesday, August 31. For additional details about Urban Cookies, OllieCake, and being on Cupcake Wars, go here.

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Erica O.
Erica O.

I caught this episode last night and was in serious lust with that tomato thyme cupcake 'n' parmesan crisp. So happy it will be available here in the Valley soon! 

Cindy Pruett
Cindy Pruett

Congrats... to Ollie Cakes.. Yahoo... Special shout out to my Ex-brother in law.... Yay! Sal.Love you Joe and Cindy Pruett

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