Twin Peaks "Breastaurant" in Scottsdale Looking for Manager: Cans You Do It?

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Your employees await.
Do you possess "positive yet authoritative guidance," enjoy "behind-the-scenes tasks," and have the desire to recruit, teach, coach, and motivate, "the most effective weapons of mass distraction - the Twin Peaks Girls?"

This gig might be for you.

Twin Peaks, the Dallas-based "breastaurant" coming to Scottsdale, which bills itself as the "the ultimate man cave," and features (along with the Twin Peaks Girls) comfort food, draft beer, and TVs in a mountain lodge setting, is now hiring for a manager position.

Along with two years of managerial experience in high-volume restaurants and/or bars, the ideal candidate will have ideal communication skills and foster a positive environment -- that's corporate speak for no weirdos, creeps, or freaks, yo.

Interested? Apply here.

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 In the interest of food entertainment equality, I've decided to open a "penistro" called "The Sausage Factory." Male servers need only to be hung like a plow mule to apply. Call 1-800-WOW-WANG and ask for Rod.


I would like to apply. I think our signature dessert could be called betty cocker.

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