The Great Food Truck Race: Vote for Your Favorite AZ Wheels to Roll Into Next Season's Line-Up

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Short Leash Hot Dogs is currently ranked at #35 -- we can do better.
With all the national television love Phoenix eateries have been receiving lately, the time to strike is now -- while the karma iron is hot -- to get our favorite food trucks (possibly) on the next season of Food Network's The Great Food Truck Race.

'Cause c'mon, not one set of Arizona wheels in two seasons of this show? Please.

Casting a vote for your favorite Arizona food truck means (for them) possible prizes of ten grand, a chance to appear on next season's race, being named America's favorite food truck, and, for food truck lovers who vote, an opportunity to attend the Wine & Food Festival in New York City.

Check out what three Arizona trucks are in the running so far (Short Leash is one) and where you can vote after the jump.

Jamburritos Cajun Grille Express is also in contention.
The three Arizona food trucks currently in the running are Short Leash Hot Dogs (ranks #35), Jamburritos Cajun Grille Express (ranks #166), and Planet of the Crepes (Tucson) at a ranking of #185. (Rankings are as of the time of this post.)

Voting ends September 12. To cast your food truck vote, go here.

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voted for short leash. I liked the food, but they won me over by being some of the nicest folks ever.

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